Learn How to Host a Webinar!

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I’m so excited to tell you about his FREE webinar I’m going to watch on Wednesday Dec. 10th.

My buddy Steve Jaffe is going to show me how to effectively run a webinar to sponsor more reps and sell more products!

From what I’ve learned so far, you’re not in business unless you’re doing webinars. And if you’re new to the game (like me), then that’s perfect. Because he’s even going to show you how to sponsor 11-14 reps every time you hold a webinar…even as a newbie!

There’s a ton more he’s going to teach of course, like how to sell more products and generate leads via webinars as well.

This is a one time only event and I don’t even know if it’s being recorded. So if you’re ready to start doing webinars, feel free to register @ learnwebinars.darlinghativa.com

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See you there!




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