About the Diva

Hi! I’m Karisa, a.k.a the Darling Hat Diva. If you would have told me 20 years ago that I would be a successful and happily married, a mother, musician, educator, and business owner I would have hysterically laughed in your face.

Growing up in the south I had 2 divorced, but loving and encouraging parents. From what I’d seen, I concluded that marriage and kids wasn’t worth the drama. So I would just get a studio apartment in New York city, become an MTV VJ, date who ever I wanted whenever I wanted to, and not bother with anything or anyone that got on my nerves.

Boy did God have different plans for me!

I have been a music teacher for 16 years, and in that process started a network marketing and mentoring business with my husband, as well as a successful online Etsy shop. These experiences have allowed me to have a hand in positively influencing thousands of men and women from all walks of life.  

This blog is a collection of what I’ve learned on my journey.  My goal is to provide various tips and tricks for small home based businesses.  Here you ‘ll find tips on network marketing, sponsoring, building a team, and how to use blogs and social media for business.  

So as you can see, the Darling Hat Diva has absolutely nothing to do with real hats! It’s simply a metephor for all of the hats I proudly wear everyday- Mom, Wife, Educator, Blogger, Social Media Princess, Diva, Entrepreneur, and probably a lot more.

I hope you find something here that can help you on your journey to success!


Stay Classy!


The Darling Hat Diva

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